“Both locations have been open for several years and have a hustling and bustling business that is crowded almost every time we visit. Not wait-list kind of crowded, but only a few tables remaining kind of crowded. We attribute that to the fact that both food and service are consistently good. The menu offers something for everyone, from picky kids who only want cheese pizza to those with dietary restrictions. The wine and specialty cocktail program includes fresh muddled fruits, house-prepared sours and syrups. The atmosphere is warm and cozy, which is code for you’ll need your iPhone light to see the menu. But that’s OK, because it also means you likely won’t pay as much attention as you normally would to the almost certain date happening at the next table.”
Dallas Observer

“As if a Bloody Mary bar wasn’t enough, this local favorite has an assortment of infused vodkas you can pick from to create your masterpiece. They infuse their lemon peel peppercorn, cilantro garlic basil, and fresh jalapeno vodkas in-house to give you even more options while whipping up your drink. Oh, and that’s not all. Their Bloody Mary bar has cheese, bacon, pepperoni, Copa, pickled veggies and more. Yes, please!”
Visit DFW

“A customer doesn’t even have to enter TruFire Kitchen & Bar 
to discover the pulse of the restaurant.”
Mark Zeske, Community Impact Magazine

“Service was not only attentive and well-paced, but our server also walked 
us through most of the red wines on the list with ease.”
Nancy Nichols, D Magazine

“If you don’t try the TruMac, you’re missing out on one of the best dishes anywhere in Frisco.”
Scott Ellis, Lifestyle Frisco

“Not only does their food taste unique and amazingly delicious, 
but their ambiance and atmosphere is perfect for anything from date night to dinner 
with your parents to drinks with friends.”
Bethany, iheart Frisco

“For the past two years, this Frisco gem has flourished through word-of-mouth
advertising from its devoted neighborhood clientele.”
Lisa Petty, Gourmet Yourself

“Expect a warm, relaxed atmosphere and knowledgeable, friendly, attentive staff.”
Micheline Hynes,

“The food is as appealing as the atmosphere. The compact menu reads like some perfectly
researched wish fulfillment of what your typical diner says he wants: American with Italian
and Mediterranean notes (pastas, pizzas, salads, sliders) plus occasional overtures 
to foodie sensibilities . . . TruFire reaches a level of excellence 
you’d expect from a fine-dining restaurant.”
Teresa Gubbins, D Magazine

“Kazarian and Clark are obviously driven by the community’s opinion. In fact, the surrounding community has great influence on the cuisine served by TruFire.”
Elisha Neubauer, Texas Homes For Sale

We’re loved on yelp!

“My favorite falafel! I love when places offer something for everyone, and this place does. More than just basic options too. They offer healthy, vegetarian, and vegan options if you prefer that route, while your company can enjoy meat and cheese and full-on delicious fattening food. I’m on board with that!”
Melanie G., Yelp Elite ’18

“They take great care in making sure every dish has the right balance of flavors. I had the breakfast tacos today…YUM.”
Billy N., Yelp Elite ’18

“Service – phenomenal, friendly and knowledgeable. Cocktails – outstanding, clever, innovative and DELICIOUS. Starters – omg so delicious and unique. Get the Little Goat!…Dessert – Holy moly that cake with blueberry caramel is to DIE FOR.”
Kim S., Yelp Elite ’18

“Not only does TruFire have great food but they are consistent in everything they do. Their food is consistently good.  The service is consistently great and honestly they are underrated in my opinion.  They have a great variety of options and a ton of alternatives for people with dietary restrictions.  They might have the best hummus I’ve ever tasted!”
Kelly R., Yelp Elite ’18